Our Success with Peterborough City Council

Peterborough city council

Empowering Citizens with AI

The heart of any thriving city is its citizens, and Peterborough City Council sought a way to enhance the citizen experience. They envisioned a self-service platform that could provide swift responses to citizen requests, such as reporting issues like unlit lampposts, potholes, or litter. AI technology was the answer.

The Birth of a Progressive App

We collaborated with the council to create a progressive app that allows citizens to report issues that need fixing, cleaning, or clearing, making their city a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable place. Whether it’s broken glass in a cycle lane or unlit lampposts, citizens can now easily report and track the progress of resolving these issues.

Cambridge Experts is dedicated to turning innovation into tangible solutions. Our partnership with Peterborough City Council resulted in the development of a groundbreaking self-service citizen platform that utilizes AI technology to provide quick and accurate responses to citizen requests and searches. Let’s delve into this incredible success story.

A Smart and Connected Solution

The self-service citizen platform is the bridge that connects citizens’ requests with the council’s call center, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. AI technology powers the platform, providing quick and accurate responses to citizens’ inquiries, making their interactions with the city council hassle-free.

SEO Optimized for Maximum Reach

We’ve taken extra care to optimize this platform for search engines, making it easily discoverable for citizens looking to report and resolve issues.

Join Us on the Road to Smarter Cities

We’re proud to have been part of this project that empowers citizens to take an active role in improving their city. If you have ideas for innovative solutions that can make a real difference, we’re here to turn your vision into a reality. Contact Cambridge Experts and let’s embark on a journey of city transformation together.

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